Tuesday, November 23

How to sleep better - Tips on better sleep routine

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How to sleep better - Sleep routine Most healthy adults require up to eight hours of restful sleep each night for their healthy function. However, sleep requirements may vary from person to person.
Follow a bedtime routine and everyday better go to bed at the same time. Even on weekends, fight the temptation to stay late and follow your bedtime routine.

With enough sleep you will wake up naturally without any help. If you are not able to wake up in time, then go to bed earlier so that you get your required sleep.

Even on weekends, do not sleep longer, and maintain your wake-up time. If you have to make up for lost sleep, take a short nap and do not change your routine sleeping schedule. Nap can be a great recharge for your energy, and short nap (about 30 minutes) in the early afternoon will do.

Do not sleep longer than one hour in the afternoon as it will affect your natural sleep-wake rhythm. Even if you feel sleepy after your dinner, keep awake by engaging yourself in mild activities till your bedtime. Totally avoid mind stimulating games, Internet browsing, caffeine drinks just before your bedtime.

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