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Children sleep problems - Children sleep issues

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Children sleep problems Many sleep problems and issues are faced by children and some of them are listed below. The foremost obstacle faced by children is having difficulty and being unable to fall asleep.
Lack of sufficient sleep in the night making them feel dull and distracted in the day. Excess napping in the daytime keeping them awake in the night. Waking up frequently in the night is required to be corrected and the reasons are many. Many children have issues like bedwetting preventing them from sound rest.

Bedwetting is one of the most common pediatric health problems and is most common urological issues. Most bedwetting is usually developmental delay and not a physical illness or emotional disorder. Bedwetting children may suffer psychological injury or emotional stress when they feel ashamed by the condition and lose their self-esteem.

Some children have bruxism activity with symptoms like teeth grinding, jaw clenching, chewing and sucking. The underlying causes for bruxism may be poor bedtime habits, nutritional deficiencies, anxiety and emotional problems. Some youngsters wake up crying and the causes may be emotional stress, physical problems or nightmares.

Sleep walking, talking, night terrors are issues called 'parasomnias' requiring attention. Night terror is different from nightmare and in night terror, the youngster appears awake, cries uncontrollably, appears confused and is unable to communicate. However as the children grow and mature they get over most of these sleep issues and problems.

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