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On a diet and starving? - How to lose weight without starving?

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On a diet and starving? On a diet and starving? How to lose weight without starving?
Quite often people diet, starving themselves, but do not lose weight. What is happening? How to diet and lose weight without starving?
For many, it is frustrating to lose weight and more frustrating to keep it off from regaining.
However, if you understand the basic physiological facts, you can win the 'Battle of Bulge".

The beginning

One has to make up his mind to lose extra weight.
To lose fat one has to diet, but it should be without starving.
Sudden and too much  diet restriction on the calories is a grave mistake made in a spurt of enthusiasm to lose weight.
Such sudden changes, deviating from our regular diet and also calorie starving, makes our body to get into a defensive mode.
We start having stronger appetite and keep feeling hungry and in order to conserve energy become lethargic.
Our body requires fat burning to lose weight and not fat saving.

Burn calories to lose weight

The immediate requirement to lose fat is increased energy expenditure and fat burning without increase in diet or diet restriction.
Please note that physical training must be a gradual process and individuals who are over-weight usually have concurrent heart ailments and malfunctioning sugar metabolism. Periodic checkup and medical advice is a must.
Cycling, swimming, gym workouts and walking contribute greatly to calorie burning.
A one time burning of energy is not enough. It may not burn up all the extra calories taken in.
We have to keep ourselves busy throughout the day spending calories. To lose weight day long calorie burning is necessary.
A long spell of laziness after a brisk fat burn is more dangerous as body goes into energy conservation mode and starts actively storing fat.

Diet to lose weight without starving

Diet restriction to cut down calories must be a gradual process to be developed over a period of time, possibly under the guidance of a dietitian.
For calorie restriction (without starving), the immediate focus must be on fad foods and junk foods. Really they are junk, which we lovingly put into our stomach.
We have to wean ourselves off fad diets and stop their inclusion in our diet.
The next step is in taking a balanced diet (must consult a dietitian) comprising all the required nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and fiber in the required proportions.
When our diet is not balanced and lacks some essential nutrients, our body sends out hunger signals, as though we are starving, to make us eat more to make good the shortage.
This leads to piling up up of calories and leads to fat gain.
We have to consume plain water at the rate of one liter per twenty kilogram of body weight.
Quite often we mistakenly respond with food or food drinks for the thirsty feeling.
In hot climates, after workouts and in summer, the requirement of water may increase.
Do not take your daily diet requirement as two or three heavy meals.
When excess diet is available, our body starts converting excess fats and carbohydrates into body fat.
Split your daily food requirement into four or more balanced meals.
We have to diet intelligently to lose weight without starving.

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