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Knee pain remedies - Knee pain help

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Knee pain remedies

Help for prevention, treatment, relief and remedies for knee pain

Knee pain is a very common problem faced by us at one time or another and the remedies during the pain and self help in preventing injuries are very important.
Knee is the most used joint of the body, and is the largest and the very complex one. As knee is a weight-bearing joint, all our daily activities like standing up, straightening, sitting, bending, walking, running, twisting and rotating are with its help and any pain or injury requires seeking immediate remedies.

To deal with knee pain two aspects of remedies are to be considered. Foremost is in taking preventive measures to protect ourselves from injuries to knee. The second aspect is in seeking immediate remedies and medical help when knee injuries occur.

Help in preventing knee pain

  1. We have to keep our body weight under control so that the stress on this weight-bearing joint is reduced.
  2. We have to avoid running on hard  surface and also on uneven surface.
  3. We should use proper suitable foot wear to protect this joint from taking jarring shocks while walking or running.
  4. Proper warming up is a must before doing any strenuous activities or exercise.
  5. Exercising your hamstrings (muscles on the back of thigh), quadriceps (muscles on the front of thigh), abductors (muscles on outer thigh) and adductors (muscles on inner thigh) regularly will keep the joints flexible, strong, stress free and less susceptible to injury.
  6. We should not neglect persistent pain and inflammation and seek medical help at the earliest.

Help and remedies in acute injuries

Acute injuries may occur during strenuous sports by twisting of knee or falling. In such situations pain relieving sprays and medication can help momentarily. However immediate medical help must be sought to control further damages due to inflammation, bleeding into the joint, edema and fluid accumulation. It is important to note that inflammation and swelling hampers free movement of the knee and can lead to further damages.

Help and remedies in Overuse

Our postures, repetitive movement, overuse and excessive pressure may cause knee pain due to inflammation of the various bursae (bursitis) around the knee joint. Bursae are small sacs of synovial fluid resting at the points where muscles and tendons slide over bone and they make the normal movement smooth, frictionless and painless.

Remedies for knee pain due to overuse are restrained activities, physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and use of ice packs.
Ice pack remedies
Ice is useful in reducing pain and swelling. Ice pack may be kept around the knee for about 15 minutes. After 48 hours, alternating warm pack and cold pack every thirty seconds also reduces swelling. This can be done for ten to twenty times.

Wax bath
One of the very useful and effective remedies is wax bath. However you have to seek the help of a physiotherapist for equipment etc.

Compression bandage
Compression wrapping with elastic bandage of the affected knee also brings down swelling.

Keep the affected joint at a higher elevation, if possible above the level of heart to bring down fluid accumulation and swelling.

Rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis also causes inflammation of bursae and the remedies lies in anti-inflammatory medicine and in seeking the help of medical professional.

Help and remedies for Osteoarthritis of knee

Osteoarthritis, a form of degenerative arthritis involving cartilage, is another common cause of joint inflammation, especially in elderly. Rest, anti-inflammatory medicine and exercises to strengthen the thigh muscles are the remedies. Also seek the help of medical expert for advice on your nutritional status.

Chondromalacia patella

Chondromalacia patella usually occurs in teens and young adults causing pain. In this condition the knee cap (patella) at the knee joint does not slide properly and rubs against the lower part of the thigh bone. Rest, use of anti-inflammatory medicine and physiotherapy are the remedies. Seek doctor's help if the knee pain is severe or persists.

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