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Fruit facts - Dates health benefits - Dates nutritional values

Dates fruit nutrition factsFacts about dates fruit and palmHealth benefits of dates fruit
Dates fruit have been the staple food for centuries in the West Asian, Mediterranean and North African regions of the world, giving health benefits to the populations in the region.This fruit is a good food source having high nutritional value contributing immense health benefits. Dates are easily assimilated producing energy in a short span of time.

Dates fruit uses and benefits

It is consumed as such and also used in various culinary preparations enhancing their nutritional values.
Dates fruit is chopped or made into paste or syrup and used in candy bars, cookies, cakes, jams, jellies, breads, puddings and cereals enriching their nutritional value.

raw dates fruit

a bunch of raw dates (enlarge)

Nutritional values and medicinal and health benefits of dates fruit

The high content of sugars like fructose, glucose and sucrose makes it a power house giving instant energy.
This fruit is rich in essential minerals like, potassium, calcium, iron, sulphur, phosphorus, copper and manganese.
It contains fairly high amounts of vitamin B complex, giving health benefits by helping in the regulation of metabolism, boosting of immunity, maintenance of blood glucose levels and cell regeneration.
The high fiber content improves health by giving a laxative effect in the intestine.
The soluble fiber in dates fruit helps in the control of diabetes by regulating the blood sugar levels.
The soluble fiber gives health benefits of lowering LDL ( low density lipoprotein - bad cholesterol).
The high potassium and low sodium content in them helps in the reducing hyper-tension and blood pressure.
Dates are found to have high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols, which give health benefits like protection from cancer and heart ailments.
The high tannin content make them useful in the intestinal troubles, functioning as astringent and detersive.
Continuous use of them has been found to help in building up of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract and in keeping the intestinal pathogens in check.
Dates help in weight reduction, weight gain and in the getting relief from constipation due to its high fiber content.
In various forms like decoction, syrup and paste gives health benefits controlling cough and throat ailments.
It is found to relieve fever, edema and abdominal health problems.
The gum from the trunk is used to treat urino-genital ailments and diarrhea.
For both adults and children, taking this fruit helps in the speedy convalescence.
They are believed to give health benefits like strengthening the uterine-wall during pregnancy.
Dates fruit has been found to give health benefits to pregnant women by helping in easy delivery and in reducing bleeding after delivery.

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